10 Books on Being a Godly Woman

With so many books to choose from, how do we know if they are following the word of God? I have sorted through the books that are best for Godly women to help with daily life and grow in faith.

Good books don’t take the word of God out of context. Wrong information about God may lead one to misunderstand God. We may end up forfeiting our relationship with him because of the false information we read in a book written by someone who doesn’t understand the Bible. But here is the thing; we should not avoid reading just because there are many books in the world.

The Bible says that God’s people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Reading helps us to grow and see life differently. It also helps us know how to apply scripture correctly in our day to day life.

Here are ten books that will help you to be the woman God wants you to be;

1. Godly Women Book

Finding joy during difficult times is always hard. In particular, the hard issues of life seem so real, that it often feels impossible for one to be joyful, to begin with. But our Lord Jesus Christ bore it all on the cross and has given his followers life more abundantly.

Jesus Always is a daily devotional that covers all the 365 days of the year. Each day is covered on one page, making it a quick read. Sarah Young explores different promises of joy in the Bible. The book is written as if Jesus himself is talking personally to the reader. Jesus Always encourages godly women to live a life of joy all year long irrespective of all the difficulty that they are going through.

2. Godly Women Book


Priscilla Shirer

In summary, this daily devotional will help you to connect with Jesus. He will meet you where you are as long as you draw near to him.

In this book, Priscilla Shirer lets her godly women know that they have an enemy that is dead set on destroying all the things that they hold dear. Fervent teaches believing women how to pray effectively. You will also learn why prayer is the best weapon to use against the attacks of the enemy.

Priscilla breaks down strategies that the enemy uses against God’s children in each chapter.  She teaches her readers how to use those strategies to create personalized prayers that will help them to strike back without giving up. Fervent teaches readers how to pray targeted prayers that will help them fight the enemy from the point of victory.

If you are broken, feeling discouraged, struggling in your prayer life, or you’re tired of all that the devil is doing in your life, then Fervent is the best book to read. It is a practical book that is easy to read and follow.

3. Godly Women Book

Church of Small Things

Melanie Shankle

Church of Small Things is a book for people that are looking for big things that will make them stand out in life. If you think that you will not be fulfilled in your heart with the simple things in life, then read this book.   

In this easy-going and applicable book, Melanie Shankle talks about how most people are losing sight of the awesome things happening around them because they are focused on finding that big thing. For example, some people find it is easy to overlook simple things like raising children, cooking, and working at the office.

 Melanie Shankle talks to women’s hearts directly through her writing. She shows readers how God uses the small things in life to bring fulfillment in their lives. She encourages women to live simple yet incredible lives.

4. Godly Women Book

Grace Not Perfection

Emily Ley

This inspirational book is for the godly woman that has a lot going on in her life. Particularly one that has to take care of her family, chase after her career, and run a business on the side.

Emily Ley writes this book from her own experience. She realizes that she cannot do it all and needs to come up with ways of simplifying her own life. It is this journey of simplifying her life that inspires her to write Grace, not Perfection.

This book encourages godly women that are similarly trying to navigate through life to focus on what matters most. Emily Ley encourages women to extend the grace that God pours on them to themselves.

Grace and not Perfection will help you to hold loved ones and yourself with grace. You will learn how to simplify your time, space, and mind when you read this book.

5. Godly Women Book


Lysa Terkeurst

Everyone struggles with rejection at some point in life. Rejection is bad, but it is something that every individual, including godly women, go through in this life. Lysa Terkeust shares personal experiences with rejection in Uninvited.

She shares the painful experience of being abandoned by her father and the superficial judgment of a perfectly toned woman by society. Lysa Terkeust examines the roots of rejection and its ability to poison relationships, including our relationship with God.

Uninvited helps godly women know that they are chosen by God even if others don’t accept them. It also helps them to know what to pray about so that they can steady their souls and restore their confidence after rejection. Godly women will be able to know the secret of belonging and how to overcome two major fears that cause them to be insecure.

6. Godly Women Book

Own your Everyday

Jordan Lee Dooley

Own your Everyday is not a typical Christian self-help book.  Jordan Lee writes like she is talking to her own best friend. This book will inspire and push you to find purpose in your everyday life. Jordan Lee shares personal stories such as finding purpose, struggling with self-image, and relying much on self than God.

The book is jam-packed with real-life examples that many godly women go through. The author encourages readers to let their guard down and be vulnerable so that they can get closer to their own goals in all areas of their lives. Jordan Lee encourages her readers to start where they are because their purpose is already instilled in them; they don’t have to go out and look for it. She also gives practical steps to follow in each chapter.

7. Godly Women Book

Believing Jesus

Lisa Harper

Lisa Harper’s book is convicting but especially witty. She writes about the events that happened in the early church by looking at the book of Acts. She shares her personal experiences and real-life events, good and bad to help the reader experience God’s power. 

For instance, she shares the story of a little girl that kidnapped and forced into the sex trade. While the story is hard to process, it helps her readers to see the healing power of God and his mercies.

Believing Jesus challenges godly women to risk what is comfortable and follow the path that God has already laid out. This book stands out, to begin with, because it has many scriptures to back up the written points. Readers are reminded that the apostles where people with flaws, but their radical faith in Jesus Christ caused them to be transformed

8. Godly Women Book

Keep it Shut

Karen Ehman

If you struggle with gossip, for instance, some women do, then this book will speak to you. Karen Ehman lovingly exhorts godly women to control their tongues, become better listeners, and realize that sometimes it is better to keep quiet instead of saying what they are thinking.

The author is honest about her thoughts, intentions, and mistakes. She encourages readers to spend time with God, namely so that they can remain grounded in him and be able to make godly decisions. Ehman includes power phrases, scriptures, and quotes that one can speak over their loved ones.    

9. Godly Women Book

A Woman after God’s Heart

Elizabeth George

This is an excellent book written for godly women who want to follow God’s guidelines in all areas of their lives. Elizabeth George shares scripture in each chapter, plus practical steps to follow. She encourages women to follow God and put Him first in the marriage, family, and heart.

For the godly woman that wants to understand God’s plan for her life, this book will help you to understand your role as a woman of God, wife, and mother.

10. Godly Women Book

Disciplines of a Godly

Barbra Hughes

Barbra Hughes shares God’s word affectionately. She encourages women to believe in the gospel of Jesus Christ. For instance, Instead of making readers feel good, the author challenges godly women to cultivate spiritual disciplines so that they can be more consistent with their relationship with God.

This book doesn’t give a list of dos and don’t that Christian women should follow. Barbra Hughes shows godly women the right kinds of disciplines that serve eternal purposes. She shows Christian women that being godly doesn’t mean using human efforts. In particular, they should instead use the efforts of Christ.


In conclusion, don’t read all the books at once. You’ll find yourself reading halfway through some books and never going beyond one page in others. In short, pick one book and then read it until you finish. Don’t read to finish, read to understand, and learn. The more quality information you consume, the more valuable you become spiritually, socially, intellectually, and even physically.

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