What Jesus Says About Forgiveness: Ultimate Love

Flower in open hands - What Jesus Says About Forgiveness

Jesus taught us a lot about forgiveness. In fact, the reason He came to earth was to save us from our sins. He became a sin sacrifice for us and through Him God forgives our sins.  God forgave you when you accepted Christ and washed away your sins. He expects you to forgive others like … Read more

Why Does Jesus Have Two Names – Jesus Christ and Immanuel?

Bible in sunset by water (Which was the first the Bible or the Quran?)

You have definitely heard hymns and worship songs sung to Immanuel, referring to Jesus Christ. Immanuel or the Romanized version, Emmanuel, is not a name we normally use when referring to Jesus. Sometimes people wonder why Jesus has two names – Jesus Christ and Immanuel. According to the words of Charles Dyer in the Return … Read more