13 Movies About Christian Missionaries

Documentary movies about Christian missionaries are a great way to learn more about Christianity. They portray many important aspects and stories of the religion in a manner that resonates with a lot of people. In this article, we have listed down some of the best documentaries for you.

Find out more about people working for God’s Kingdom around the world. You will be amazed by the stories that are told and how God is working in their lives. When you carry out the work of God, faith grows as His hand helps you bring people to Him.

1. Christian Missionary Documentary

Travel The Road


A two-part docuseries chronicling the journey of Christian missionaries William Decker and Timothy Scott, as they travel to some of the most remote and dangerous places on earth in hopes of spreading the Christian message.  

What sets this documentary apart from others is how the genuine humanness of the missionaries is portrayed, even during times of great tribulations where their faith is pushed to the brink, the show takes no liberties to hide their struggles. 

Every episode in this documentary brings something new to the table and keeps its audience captivated through spectacular cinematography and storytelling. A very different and intimate view of the lives of missionaries. Once started it becomes very hard to discontinue the series in the middle, even for people of different faiths, which just goes to show how remarkable this series is.  

2. Christian Missionary Documentary

Through the Gates of Splendor


A gripping documentary about the legacies of missionaries Pete Fleming, Nate Saint, Jim Elliot, Rodger Youderian, and Ed McCully, who were murdered as they tried to bring the gospel to one of the most dangerous tribes of Ecuador, the Auca Indians in a South American jungle in the 1950s. 

Their story is narrated by the widow of Jim Elliot – Elizabeth Betty Elliot, who along with her daughter and Rachel Saint, stays back in Ecuador to complete her husband’s mission. She forgives her husband’s murderers and manages to bring them back to the right path.  

Be sure to keep some tissues nearby because you will need them. Poignant and awe-inspiring, this documentary is an absolute must-watch for everyone and shows just how powerful compassion and persistence can be.   

3. Christian Missionary Documentary

Is Genesis History?


A great documentary linking science with religion. This documentary takes a whole new approach to the bible where stories from the bible are correlated with historical events and science for the audience to be able to understand the Bible in a whole new light. 

The presenter, Dr. Del Tackett, introduces us to the series by challenging our beliefs and shedding light on how geology, can be an excellent tool in trying to understand the different events that take place in the bible. 

An excellent take on spreading the message of the Bible with the help of science. this whole documentary could be of great use to every missionary trying to spread the word of God since science, unlike before is now an ally to their case.

4. Christian Missionary Documentary

The Case of Faith


A wonderfully made documentary where journalist Lee Strobel strives to find answers to two of the most arduous questions about the Christian faith; why is Jesus the only way to God? And why there is evil and suffering in the world, if a loving God created it.  

This documentary takes into account the views of Christian missionaries and preachers such as Charles Templeton who though once brought the gospel to throngs of people yet struggled with their own faith when confronted with these questions.  

This documentary provides some great answers to hard questions dealt by people of faith and takes a look at how missionaries and preachers also struggle to thoroughly understand Christianity at a deeper level, especially as they are the ones people turn to for such answers.  

5. Christian Missionary Documentary

Apostle Paul and the Earliest Churches


An informative documentary-style series that portrays the evangelical mission and travels of the apostle Paul through Anatolia (modern-day Turkey) during the first century of Christianity. Not only does this documentary accurately portray the historical and archaeological backgrounds of the areas the apostle traveled to but also discusses the struggles, as well as the miracles he performed.  

The film places great emphasis on archaeology and strives to be as accurate as possible with the help of its 3D animated maps and footages of significant areas. A few important artifacts from Turkish museums have also been discussed.  

The documentary is essentially a reenactment of St. Paul’s journey and as such is a quick, historically accurate and great way to learn more about one of the greatest missionaries and saints to have ever lived. 

6. Christian Missionary Documentary

Gladys Aylward: The Small Woman with a Great God


A fascinating documentary that portrays the life of Gladys Aylward. A woman with a small built who was barely five feet tall but had determination and faith which could rival some of the greatest men of the century.   As a young woman, Gladys sensed God’s calling left her hometown of London to travel as a missionary to China.

There she was kept under the supervision of the aging missionary, Jeannie Lawson. After Mrs. Lawson’s death, Gladys began to take in unwanted and orphaned children which eventually numbered up to 100. When the war between China and Japan broke out, Gladys traveled on foot, across the mountains for days with the children until they reached safety.  

The documentary includes voice recordings from Gladys herself who proves to be not only courageous and compassionate but humorous as well. An excellent, classic documentary to view the struggles and rewards of one of the kindest souls to have ever lived.  

7. Christian Missionary Documentary

Perpetua: Early Church Martyr


Perpetua: Early Church Martyr documents the true story of one of the first Roman converts and missionaries who died for her religion. Born into aristocracy, Perpetua left all her luxuries for her faith. Since Christianity was illegal in Rome at the time, she paid a heavy price for her beliefs but stuck to them regardless. 

The documentary narrates her story in her own words, which she kept in a personal journal. Perpetua was sentenced to death and though she was a young mother who was leaving behind an infant, she accepted her fate smiling.

8. Christian Missionary Documentary

David Brainerd: Missionary to the American-Indians


A historically accurate look into one of the most important but little known figures of the eighteenth century, the great missionary, David Brainerd.   Orphaned at a tender age, Brainerd converted when he was 21 and spent the remainder of his days spreading the gospel. His message was especially well-received by the native tribes where he inspired a great spiritual revival and influenced many Christian leaders.  

This is a great documentary to boost your knowledge about the lesser-known figures in Christianity. A moving and illuminating piece of work, which is light and pleasant to watch.   As you can tell, there is a wide range of choices when it comes to Christian missionary documentaries. We suggest you take your time and watch them all.

9. Christian Missionary Documentary

Maria Prean


An award-winning documentary that tells the wonderful story of missionary Maria Prean. At age 60, Maria Prean decided to embark on a new life when she moved from Austria to Uganda in God’s service.   Maria Prean became a missionary to some of Uganda’s over two million orphans. Once she gave herself total to God’s service, new energy filled her.

She selflessly gives aid to the needy, love to the unloved. Her total dedication and will inspire you.  Her story contains a powerful message: God can and will use you, as long as you are ready to serve Him, and it can fill your life with purpose and joy.

10. Christian Missionary Documentary

Samuel Morris: African Missionary to North America


This is a missionary story with an unexpected twist! An African becomes a missionary in America!  Samuel Morris was born Prince Kaboo in his native Liberia. When young, he was captured by a rival tribe and underwent years of hardship. Then one day, there was a flash of light, and a voice told him to flee, whereupon his ropes came undone.

From his first night in America, he began leading people to God. His service communicated so much conviction that he overcame racism, winning over many influential whites with his inspiring words.  This documentary will inspire you with the realization that anyone can serve God – even the most unlikely people in the most unlikely places!

11. Christian Missionary Documentary

Two Hats


An inspiring story of a family serving God in far-off Southeast Asia. Deborah and Brad Wells left their home in Idaho in 1998, taking their seven children with them to the remote jungles of Papua New Guinea.  Their struggles there is proof that the service of God is not easy, but it is all the more satisfying for that very fact.

Their service in that remote land gave them the strength to overcome obstacles and endure. Their determined dedication enabled them to establish the first Christian radio station in that country.  This is a story to refresh the soul. An ideal movie to share with the entire family.

12. Christian Missionary Documentary

Albert Schweitzer


This is a captivating drama about the world-famous missionary. This brilliant man, physician, theologian, and humanitarian, became one of the most admired men of his time. His philosophy of Reverence for Life led him to speak out against injustices and led to confrontations with powerful men and governments.  

In this film, we follow his struggles to maintain his hospital in West Africa. He seems to be faced with a choice: give up expressing his convictions, or submit to pressure in order to save his hospital?  An inspiring story with an award-winning cast: Jeroen Crabbe as Albert Schweitzer, Barbara Hershey as Helene Schweitzer.

13. Christian Missionary Documentary

Do You Believe


This thought-provoking drama tells twelve stories of individuals: people from different walks of life and longing for purpose. When they encounter each other, they all come to realize the power Christ can have in their lives.  Does this film pose an essential question to all Christians: Do you believe?

Faith requires action, and there are many ways people can allow God to use them as witnesses to souls going astray.  Mira Sorvino, Lee Majors, and Cybill Shepard are just a few of the actors that give powerful and inspiring performances.

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