5 Movies with God in the Title

As Christians, there is a need to always encourage ourselves, movies with God in the title inspire us. While everyone may not be able to fellowship with the brethren. Most will always have time to see interesting movies. And when we watch faith-based movies, it reminds us of fixing these lapses. It brings to mind the God factor. In addition, it calls us to order and we are elated and exhorted.

So, I will be suggesting some good Christian movies and series you can watch. And also give a brief about them. However, I ensure you watch them.

In no particular order of series and movies with God in the title;

1. Movie with God in the Title

Hand of God


Movie Series About God

These series are one of my favorites. I fell in love with it after watching it. Hand of God is a seasoned film and it captures many aspects of life. The movie centers on a Judge who finds justice for his son. His son attempts suicide. He believes he can hear God’s voice. In addition, he believes the voice is giving him instruction.

As Christians, we find ourselves in certain situations where God speaks to us and gives us direction. The judge tries to find out who rapes his son’s wife. He also tries to understand why the son attempts to end his life.

Series Loaded with Messages

The movie series is loaded with messages. Every episode of the film sends a message to Christians. Sometimes, it takes us to be down to hear God’s voice or see his hands. The state of the Judge’s son speaks volumes. He finally resorts into a vigilante mission after his son goes into a coma.

The mission unravels many mysteries. As much as I want to tell you more, I don’t want to spoil it! I would sincerely recommend that you watch it.

2. Movie with God in the Title

In God’s Time

Miracles of Moses

In God’s Time focuses on the unique story of four different individuals. The movie reveals how their lives experiences are transformed. As Christians, God can use anything to transform our lives. In this movie, it is a supernatural wristwatch. The wristwatch serves as a link for the four. Particularly, four broken souls who find their faith in God.

They regain high-level consciousness. This supernatural wristwatch reveals the light and darkness within. The movie teaches us as Christians to wait on God’s time.

God Gives Hope

The life transformation of these characters gives hope. In the beginning, God only starts with us. His timing is different from ours. Hence, it tells us as Christians that God’s time supersedes every other time. His ways are not similar to ours at all. It is indeed a story you cannot afford to miss out on.

3. Movie with God in the Title

Letters to God


Another interesting movie with God in the title, you can’t afford to miss. This movie stresses the need to find faith in the midst of most adversity. It is the story of a dying boy with cancer, Tyler. He sends letters to God. In his case, his prayers are in the form of letters. Most Christians question God rather than seek him when in distress. In this movie,

Tyler sees God as a friend, Teacher and an Ultimate pen pal. So, he writes daily to God. Essentially, he gives meaning to life.

Faith in God Bring Hope

Tyler’s level of faith brings hope and encouragement to the people around him. His life and continuous letters to God gives transformation to many. Ordinarily, he should be devastated. Yet, considering his situation, he didn’t give up on God as a child. This teaches us as Christians to use our situation to affect lives positively. It tells us to cultivate the habit of making something good in every situation.

Walk of Faith

The boy’s walk of faith crosses path with another man who’s searching for meaning. In this case, their story jointly touches the lives of everyone around them. Tyler slowly dies of cancer but still writes letters to God. Brandy the postman is confused about life and receives Tyler’s letters. He finds hope in Tyler’s letters addressed to God. In summary, the story restores hope and redemption.

If a dying boy could still have faith in God, then why can’t you? Letters to God is everything and more.

4. Movie with God in the Title

God, Where are you?


God, where are you?

is relevant because it relates to many Christians. Over time, most of us have cultivated the habit of asking God a question when facing life challenges: God, where are you? This movie centers on a fighter, Sonny Boone who has everything and loses it. Sonny blames God for his predicament. He has no interest in knowing how but concludes that God hasn’t been fair to him. He keeps asking God’s whereabouts.

X-Ray Movie

This movie x-rays the kind of lives we live as Christians. How illustrates how ungrateful and unthoughtful whenever we are faced with even the smallest challenge. The same God in the good times and also when things get bad or even worse. God understands why we pass through certain situations in life. Let me leave you to keep wondering if God appeared to him. God is in the title of this movie and as influential as ever.

5. Movie with God in the Title

God Friended Me


This series attempts to unpack some of the major topics, such as philosophy, science, theology, and history. It is an excellent resource for new Christians who want to know what the Bible has to say about all areas of life. In addition, it can also be a great help to mature Christians who feel unsure in one or more of these areas.

Outspoken Atheist

God friended Me tells the story of an outspoken yet skeptical atheist, Miles Finer. It shows how God works in mysterious ways. In this movie, Miles hosts a podcast about his atheism. As a result, he gets a friend request from God on Facebook. Ordinarily, he gets a request like that from people. And he has been helping. But this time, the account owner reads God. The series portrays God as a positive force. It focuses on teaching from the pulpit.

He tries to find out the action behind the name and accepts the request. His life becomes chaotic. The God friend sends him on a journey to change people’s lives. This series tells us that God is no respecter of persons. When He is set to use you, he comes for you. And this is evident in the movie. Miles gets to help and save lives through instructions from his friend.  

This series reveals a lot about Finer. He wrestles with his purpose. He also wrestles with his relationship with his estranged Pastor’s father. We realize that Finer’s childhood experiences shape him into an atheist but he meets with a destiny changer. His struggles bring to mind that faith truly is the belief of things not seen. It further buttresses the fact that God has not finished with us and emphasizes struggle against accepting the call of God and many more. It is not a story to be told but one to be watched.

God is the title

There are thousands of faith-based movies and series that we can watch as Christians. This is a time when we need to be encouraged. Of course, every watch has a message to pass across to us. But most importantly, we should be challenged to work on our faith. Beyond watching, let us ensure to practice what we watch.

I am sure you enjoyed the review. Those are just a few out of the many movies with God in the title to watch. As these movies and series have a focus on God, it reminds us to have that same commitment.

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